FOG Integrate to existing LAN with both configuration of Static and DHCP

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    Good day, I have 4 LAN with no DHCP server, all workstation are configured to use static IP, and I have 1 LAN with DHCP server, is it possible to integrate fog with both network configuration?


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    You can of course run DHCP on a LAN whose computers are all configured with static addresses.

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    Yes. Is it easy, no.

    The issue lies in the way FOG operates.

    You will likely need to install DNSMasq on the fog server of your choice in order to handle this in a more autonomous methodology. PXE booting will require DHCP or BOOTP to hand out ip addresses during this phase. It will also be needed when ipxe is booting (as that’s just how it’s told to handle things).

    You are more than welcome to have a go and let us know of your issues. We will try to help out where/when possible.

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