Operation not supported - System Rescue CD [solved]

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3
    • OS: any
    • Service Version: any
    • OS: any

    Follow instructions at
    which describe adding support for sysrescue cd, which is useful

    Boot process fails after downloading rescue64 with Operation not supported

    Mistake is in this example line in the wiki
    initrd httpd://${fog-ip}/srcd/initram.igz
    should be
    initrd http://${fog-ip}/srcd/initram.igz

    Misplaced ‘d’, there is no protocol called httpd

    Took a couple of hours to figure that one out!

    No wiki login available to correct it directly, hence this post.

  • Moderator

    I corrected it, thank you.

    In Red Hat land, apache’s service is called httpd and I have a habit of typing that from muscle memory. Thanks for pointing out the mistake!

    And wow, you hopped on that fast? I only added System Rescue CD to the wiki in the last two days lol.

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