SOLVED Change Image ID Number

  • @RobTitian16 The command is wrong, you are missing the equals.

    You need to be really careful doing this, it has to be accurate and exact or you will break it and have to remake these definitions by hand with the web GUI. I would suggest you copy/paste and then modify the commands as needed.

  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks! Extremely helpful, although I’m running into an issue when running “UPDATE images SET imageID - imageID -4 ;” that says:

    ERROR 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry ‘25’ for key ‘PRIMARY’.

    I’m not overly familiar with SQL, so I’m unsure what this means.

  • Here’s a tutorial I wrote a year ago on how to do it:

  • You can’t change image id’s in the GUI.

    However you can have the id’s reordered how you want using a SQL statement.

    That said, unless you’re 100% aware of what you’re doing, I wouldn’t recommend this.

    Remember these id’s (hosts, snapins, groups, images, etc…) are typically “cross” associated. With images, in particular, there’s two different associations made. One is tied to hosts on the host tables, under the hostImage column. This is the image ID that’s associated to the host. There’s also the imageGroupAssoc table which handles storage group associations between images.