User + Host Assignment, Post-Imaging

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0 RC-11
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04

    What is the preferred method for handling something like user and host name setup, post-imaging? We would like the systems to have their user and host name set to the name assigned in the FOG hosts table if possible.

    At first, I was considering using the post download scripts again, but thought I should look to see what tools exist - as I feel like this is a common situation. While looking around for ways to handle this, I came across SysPrep and FOG Prep. I haven’t had the time to research either option much yet, but are either of these the right solution for handling this?

    I am operating on a pretty tight window, so I apologize if this question was a bit hasty. I just wanted to get a leg up in best determining the direction I should take this, whether someone shares some wisdom or I dig it up first. Everything so far has been working great though, so I don’t think getting this piece to function will be too tough.



  • This makes a lot of sense. I have seen the FOG Client referenced numerous times and thought it to be the web portal this whole time! Thanks for pointing me in this direction though! This is exactly what I wanted, before I went and did a whole bunch of unnecessary work, heh.


  • Allow me to introduce you to the FOG Client.

    The FOG Client is installed on your image before you capture, It periodically communicates with the FOG server.

    It enables you to do a lot of management from the FOG web interface, including but not limited to:

    • Updating hostnames based on what’s set in the FOG Server
    • Automatically joining to a domain, post-imaging or otherwise.
    • Deploying software, executables, scripts, MSIs, VB script, Powershell script
    • Automating reboots, user logoff, shutdown
    • The computer rebooting if you schedule imaging for it.
    • Tracking of what users use what computers for what times.
    • Printer deployment and management.
    • A ton of other stuff.

    It installs on Windows, OSX, and all major distributions of Linux.

    The FOG Client is incredibly popular, A majority of the community is using either the legacy one that isn’t supported anymore (because they haven’t upgraded), or the new one which will be supported going into the future.

    Here’s the wiki article on it: