Fog Installer - Distro check

  • I have a VM environment at home with clean snapshots for various Linux distributions that I use for testing. I’ll be testing the fog installer on various distributions for each of the release candidates, and for updated and newer distributions in the future to see if it installs or not according to steps in the Wiki, and if not the steps I took to correct it.

    Each of these tests will be from a clean snapshot that is fully updated with all standard updates. All tests use the command ./ -y to use all defaults and install unattended.

    Installation tests have been automated. The daily results & logs are available to the public, see the link in my signature.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yesterday’s issues were just a blip. All green today.

  • Developer

    @Wayne-Workman About Fedora 29: I do see the following message over and over again:

    Remi's RPM repository - Fedora 29 - x86_64       47  B/s | 2.3 kB     00:49    
    Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'remi', ignoring this repo.

    Not exactly sure if that is causing the broken installation.

    Now Ubuntu 18 on the working branch. I really have no idea what is going wrong here. It seems to stop right in the middle of an apt… call. From the last lines of log output it looks like it. Possibly your test install VM got interrupted!!!

  • So as expected, the remi repo removed Fedora 29 beta, and added Fedora 29 release. Dev-branch and master are passing the installation tests, but working is failing which seems strange. Ubuntu 18 on working branch also failed - this test was run immediately after the Fedora 29 working test, so maybe it’s something with my vm host or internet at that time. It’s normal for this test system to have the occasional blip (it is what it is) so we’ll see what the tests say tomorrow.

  • So the issue with Fedora 29 is the Remi repo, they don’t seem to be caught up with the recent release. Their website still lists the beta version. I tried manually installing the remi repo for fedora 29 beta, doesn’t work. I don’t think there’s anything we can do until Remi Repo gets their end fixed. Most likely, when it’s fixed, everything will just start working because it appears the fog installer is creating the correct commands.

  • I’ve removed Fedora29-Beta, and setup a Fedora29 minimal server today, from the official release ISO. I’m pretty sure I remembered to do everything this time (like firewalld and selinux). We’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning.

  • I’ve added Fedora 29 Beta to the daily installation tests. I’ll remove it and add the official release as soon as that’s available. I’ve also updated all of my ‘clean’ snapshots with the latest patches.

  • Just an update,

    You will notice that the link in my signature is different, the one there is the new one.
    Long story short, I setup an email server for myself, which caused DNS & ssl problems to arrise with the fogtesting dashboard. So - I moved the site to a t2.nano in AWS. The same VM here at my house is still doing 100% of all testing, but when it gets done it does a quick rsync to the aws box to update the website with the new dashboard & files.

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    @Wayne-Workman Thanks heaps for digging into this!

  • @developers I’ve looked into the Ubuntu 16.04 problems for the last two hours and have determined the problem is being intermittently caused by a problematic server: The apt-get update command times out, and because it was not successfully run, lots of packages fail to install. I’ve also looked over all of the commits in the working, dev-branch, and master branch of the fogproject github repository around the days that the Ubuntu 16.04 failures started happening, there are no commits that would cause this.

    The workaround: If the installer fails for you, manually run apt-get update until it succeeds. Once it has succeeded, run the installer again and it should work.

  • Looks like there is a possible issue with php-fpm on Ubuntu 16. I’ll look into it in more detail this evening.

  • I’ve added Fedora 28 server to the list.

  • A heads up - seems like Ubuntu 18 is having a lot of problems these past few days. I’ve not looked into it yet.

  • @sebastian-roth It’s truly dis-heartening to me to be shown awesome libraries from yesteryear that didn’t take off… My heart goes out to Twill. However, Requests has gained substantial community support (not due to any of my doings) and probably has a much longer future than other libraries. I was hoping someone had Selinium experience - but I really do think we can do just fine with Requests.

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    @Wayne-Workman Back in 2007 I used twill when doing Web Application Firewall testing for my diploma thesis. But seems like this project hasn’t gone anywhere since then. Just thought I might throw that in, probably not worth anything.

  • @george1421 I could add this in - but as soon as this is in there, we will want to check something else next. There is a project called Selenium that is suited for testing responses to web requests. @developers @moderators does anyone have experience with Selenium that could help put together some tests? If not, I’m fine with writing up a simple python script to do some testing with the Requests library (I have experience with that).

  • Moderator

    @wayne-workman Do you have a way to do a quality of service check against FOG or are you doing this right now?

    What I’m thinking is a http curl call to the vm at the www root and see if the url was redirected to /fog/management or something like that . That would test if the fog UI was actually up and talking with the database.

  • I’m going to try to get Ubuntu 18.04 into the test cycle tonight.

  • As of now, all installer tests are passing with the release of 1.5.2.

  • The failures are infact a problem with Fedora. See this thread for details: