Migrating ALL clients from Windows XP to 7

  • Hello,

    We’re currently doing a migration from XP to 7, and we currently have all of the clients on the Windows XP OS type and I would like to move them all to the Windows 7 OS type. Is there a quick fix for this? Or do I need to go to each host individually, one at a time and change them?


  • Hi Robin

    I take it you’ve created your new Win7 image and have uploaded it to the server correct? And you’ve associated that new image to the host you’re trying to image and also updated the host os entry to win7 too. If you open the host from the GUI and deploy the image from there what happens?


  • 🙂 Delve deeper, please. We have the correct image and OS associated with it. Thanks! 🙂

  • Moderator

    verify in Fog that the host you are trying to switch from XP to 7 has the correct image and Operating System associated with it. After that, we can delve deeper if needed.

  • Yes, we changed that in the FOG menu. Should we be changing it elsewhere? Thanks!

  • Moderator

    Did you also change the image definition associated with each host?

  • Follow on question to this. So, we are doing exactly this, although currently only testing with one host, and we can’t get the host to install Win 7. It keeps booting to Win XP. We’ve tried Quick Image which automatically loads XP base. We’ve also tried Quick and Full Registration & Inventory but it can’t proceed because the host is already registered.

    Any ideas?


  • My my, that was incredibly easy. Sorry for bothering you guys, that was more of a “herp derp” moment of mine. Thanks!

  • Alright, seems to be simple enough, I’ll give it a go when I’m back in office! Thanks

  • Quickest way I can think of is to go to the hosts section in web GUI select all and create a new group called “All Hosts” then open that group and apply the new OS to the whole group. Job done,