Image Second Disk on Host w/ Multiple Disks

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0-RC11
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04

    I am trying to image a machine with multiple drives and partitions on it. This drive is configured such that /sda is the data drive and /sdb is the primary drive everything runs from. Is there a process for JUST imaging the second drive?

    When editing the image properties, I see that it allows me to specify the partition. I have tried setting this to both Everything and just partition 2. I have also tried options 1-3 for the Image Type as well. Options 1 and 2 fails, prompting that the partition tables were invalid. If I capture the disk with option 3, multiple partitions multiple disks, then no information is generated for disk 1 - I have information for disk 2. As such, when you go to deploy the image, it fails because it is missing disk 1’s MBR - which is true, if I navigate to /images directory for the image assigned to the host in question.

    I thought about editing the contents of the /images directory to reflect what I wanted them to, but I wasn’t sure what the repercussions would be - not that the solution is ideal, just that it would let me know what is possible.



  • Very cool, thanks! I set the image type back to Single Disk - Resizable and everything is kicking off like I would expect now.


  • Moderator

    While I haven’t done this, in the host record there should be a field for primary hard drive titled “Host Primary Disk”. Just set it to /dev/sdb