UNSOLVED Lenovo Yoga (20CO-S27700) 2013 - UEFI Mode - Fails to load into FOG. Legacy Mode works fine.

  • Hi, Guys.

    This is a more FYI not sure how I can get more information from the PC but I am finding that when I am putting the laptop into UEFI boot it looks like FOG hard locks at the start with a little - on the screen. I’ve tried booting into compatibility mode but it does the same thing.

    Legacy mode works perfectly fine and I am booting and re-imaging that no worries. Was hoping to boot into UEFI mode as that is the default settings out of the box.

    anyway just thought I’d throw this out there 🙂 Edit sorry forgot to mention that I have fog updated to RC10. *


  • @george1421 I’ll double check and see if there are any updates and let you know 🙂 I didn’t actually think to check the firmware. cheers.

  • Moderator

    @RipAU Can you confirm that the yoga has the latest firmware installed? We have seen instances of Lenovo system in the past with faulty uefi firmware. I’m not saying this is the issue now, but you have uefi devices booting with your current FOG configuration. So I would think its the lenovo at fault here.

  • I have other UEFI devices booting fine, just seems the Lenovo Yoga hangs as soon as the Linux Kernel loads.

    From the DHCP - filename "ipxe.efi for EFI devices.

    There are no errors on the screen as soon as iPXE loads the Linux Kernel it freezes, when I switch it to Legacy boot the kernel loads fine.

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    What iPXE kernel image are you sending to the yoga? This would be set by dhcp option 67? For uefi mode you will want to send ipxe.efi.

    If the system is failing to boot, please take a picture of the screen with a mobile phone and post it here. Its easier to find the error when you can see the other messages around the error.