RC-9 error after fog menu failed to find cpu0 device node

  • I am getting the following no matter what option i go to the menu fog menu. i get the following error and then fog continues on.

    image below
    alt text

    Any idea? Fog is working perfectly bar that.

  • @irishfoguser just wanted to say the messages you saw aren’t hurting anything whatsoever. Tom reworked the build parameters for the kernel not long ago to include better support for Surface Pros. Some of those messages are the kernel not seeing the surface pro hardware.

    Turning down the log level could even be a disadvantage to you, because if you did have kernel problems, you wouldn’t know it, and you’d post here with zero errors asking for assistance - and it’ll maybe take us a while to figure out what’s going on. And - say you remember to turn the log level when you have a issue. But will the person that comes in behind you do that? Would a co-worker know that?

    I’d suggest leaving the log level at default, but you can do as you wish.

  • just like to say great job on it 1.3.0

    i am building a new server to replace an old 0.32 one and just waiting on 1.3.0 to go to final before switching it over.

  • @Tom-Elliott cheers tom for the quick response.

  • Senior Developer

    Those are just messages. You can remove them by lowering the log level in FOG Configuration->fog settings->boot settings->fog_log_level

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