windows blue screen after restoration

  • Hello,
    Server Fog 1.2.0 OS ubuntu
    PC Windows 7

    I use FOG for saving all the computer configuration on a simulator.
    I use FOG for 100 Pcs all are working with Windows7.
    For some images (about 2%) I have windows blue screen during the Windows boot.
    I tried with different disk always with the same problem.
    I check the disk, there are ok.
    I tried CHKDSK without sucess
    I tried SFC /Scannow without success
    I open the target disk using a bootable usb key.
    all the windows file are here, the size are correct.

    If I copy manually the files Windows\System32\config\system & SAM & Security from the hard drive source to the hard drive target (using the same computer). I have no more windows blue screen.
    It seems that in some case these files doesn’t survive the operation disk=>image=>disk.
    have you any idea?

  • If you have a spare machine laying around, I’d ask you to try FOG 1.3.0 RC, and see how it goes. Leave your old fog server alone for this.