image not valid

  • Hello,

    Server: FOG 1.2.0 OS ubuntu
    PC: Windows 7

    with the some PC when I create the image, everything seems to be correct, there is no error message.
    nevertheless, it is not possible to use this image.
    In fact when I try to create the image of this computer with clonezilla there is a error message related to the disk status (bad sectors).
    The error message come from partclone.
    Why the is no error message when the hard drive is defect? it seems that FOG doesn’t know that the disk is defect?
    Is there a possibility to know when the image is not correct?

  • Bad HDDs don’t act uniformly. Just because an error was thrown in Clonezilla doesn’t mean the same one will be thrown in FOG, and vice-versa. Of course people on the forums here have posted pictures of very strange errors in partclone before, and of course those were sometimes due to bad HDDs.

    My recommendation is to not assume an old drive is good. If it’s older, do a health-check on the drive before you ever start building your image on it. This should prevent a lot of problems.

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