Error for Upload image Windows 1607

  • We have fog now for several years and currently V.2929 .
    Today it serves us to upload images in Windows 10 V1511 .

    But we wanted to put the Windows image update in V1607 and fog do not want to upload it. Is this normal ? there is there a solution without updating FOG ?

    We plan to update it but later because this is not the time for us …

  • Senior Developer

    @sapeurorca highly recommend updating to the RC builds. You may not want to but I’m confident it will improve your chances of success.

  • The upload is not done for the partition dev/sda2 , no error message. The partition dev/sda1 and upload dev/sda2 stops immediately without upload.

  • Moderator

    While I don’t remember v2929 that number is close to FOG 1.2.0 stable, which does not support NVMe drives, gpt disks, or Win10 (in general).

    What error is being thrown when you try to upload that image?

    The ultimate answer is to upgrade to 1.3.0-RCX to get new hardware support as well as Win10 Support. But I do have to admit that I have not created a 1607 reference image as of yet, so there may be changes that not even fog 1.3.0 supports as of now.

  • Senior Developer

    @sapeurorca said:

    … and fog do not want to upload it.

    Could you please give us some more information on why you think it does not work? Picture of an error message would be best.

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