Host registration broken

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    • Version: 1.3.0-RC-9
    • OS: N/A
    • Version: N/A
    • OS: N/A

    Registration broken.

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    @MattPayerle that’s already the case.

  • @Tom-Elliott Ah ok cool, I wasn’t sure if that other person had the same thing. Glad you were able to catch this, great work!

    Any chance we can tie this into defaulting the hostname change during full registration rather than ticking a checkbox on the host under AD settings? Just a thought - thanks again!

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    @MattPayerle This is a totally separate issue (the registration issue you’re seeing).

    I’ve fixed this in source code. I have to delay my push on 10 until I hear back from snapin hanging issues and seeing if they’re fixed.

    Sorry I didn’t catch this before.

  • @lukebarone I am having the same issue after an install to RC-9 today. I can’t do the full registration either. Here is what I am seeing:

    When selecting full registration, the machine scrolls through the following new messages, and then prompts to enter in the computer information (just like usual) then instead of immediately imaging after taking inventory, it reboots, and registers the computers under a different name than what I provided in the registration (sometimes the MAC, sometimes random characters). Then it boots back to the PXE after the registration and never actually deploys the image.

    If I select the iPXE menu item to Deploy Image, it prompts for username and password, I can select the image, it shows the same new messages below, but then actually deploys the image successfully.

    Happy to help troubleshoot or provide logs, etc.