Copy a single specific Image from one FOG server to another

  • Hey all,

    At my organization we are running a set up where we have six portable FOG servers running on laptops to re-image our computers with.

    (I would prefer to run it over the network but the way that our infrastructure is set up makes it difficult to set up)

    When we create a new image we can capture it fairly easily to one of the servers, however the question is: how can we copy that new image to the rest of the servers we have? I have tried simply copying the files found in the /images folder but that doesn’t work for some reason.

    We are running the latest stable version of FOG on laptops running Linux Mint.

  • @carrjd Have you considered the project I made that makes FOG completely mobile? It’s designed specifically for your use case - you’ll be able to do more than one at a time.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Thanks, That works,

    We have six laptops that have FOG on them, which we plug directly into the computer we want to re-image

  • You’d copy the image’s directory from one server to the others first.

    On the destination after copy, set permissions recursively on the images directory with chmod -R 777 /images

    If you’re running FOG Trunk, you can simply export the image definitions via the web interface and import on another - or you may manually create the image definition. The path must be exactly as it is on disk, and is case sensitive. Image OS and Image type must also match.

    That’s about all there is to it.

    How are your fog server’s mobile, may I ask?

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