Modern Fog and the Legacy Client

  • Does the modern FOG, (eg: RC-8) fully support/work with the Legacy Client?

  • Tom has done his best to ensure all of it’s features work. But for instance, Directory cleaner on the legacy client ONLY worked on Windows XP. All the core functionality works - up to Windows 8.1. The legacy client is not supported on Win10 - can you blame it though? The legacy client was developed when XP was the latest - and it’s designed to do stuff to the OS, to the registry, etc. OSs Change. The new fog client should be good for many future versions of Windows, plus Joe is keeping on top of it also.

  • Oh I realize moving the new client is preferred. I’m wondering to what extent does the new FOG support the legacy client. How hamstrung or not is the relationship?

  • Mostly.

    That said, I’d advise moving away from the legacy client as soon as possible.

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