• Interesting issue.

    I have uploaded imaged of Dell models, mostly the e series and optiplex series without problem. I’ve run across an issue that I can’t seem to shake off and it’s bugging me something fierce.

    I have a Dell D630 laptop that I’ve bumped the RAM to 4GB and installed Windows 7. This is mostly going to be used as a loaner type of laptop and not for everyday use.

    I’ve finished the image, and sysprep’d it. I upload it using the normal method that I normally would use.

    The two other laptops (same model, same specs) can download the image from FOG, but when I boot, I get a BSOD when it starts to load Windows.

    I’ve never had this problem with any other model PC. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Also is it possible that the SATA controllers are configured differently? You might pop into the BIOS and check that out and confirm that they are all set the same as the laptop you built the image on.

  • Press F8 right before the Windows splash screen comes up
    Select Disable automatic restart on system failure
    If you don’t have that on your screen, you may have missed hitting F8 at the right time. Keep trying!

  • [quote=“apathetic_admin, post: 4201, member: 1350”]What does the BSOD say?[/quote]
    It flashes too quick for me to read what it says.

  • What does the BSOD say?