1.3.0-RC-8 ChainLoading Failed EFI

  • Running Fog 1.3.0 RC-8, I am getting the “ChainLoading failed” error message when trying to boot into the Hard drive. These are Dell Optiplex 5040 booting using the ipxe.efi file.

    I changed the “Exit Hard Drive Type(EFI)” to the other options and it will not boot to the HDD only if the exit type is “EXIT” do I get the chainloading error.

  • I had the same issue. I changed the “HOST EFI Exit Type” for the host to “REFIND_EFI”. After rebooting, when you go to boot from HDD, you will get proceed to a screen titled “rEFInd - Initializing” and “Hit any key to continue”.

    After hitting enter, I boot right into Windows no problem.

  • One of the EFI exit types should work, please completely reboot the machine to try each one. Let us know how it goes.

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