Group clients clear settings

  • I know Devs are probably busy getting the next version as functional as possible, but I see that most of the Group settings and tasks issues seem to be related to all clients not having the exact same settings. I was wondering if adding a way to delete all main settings from group clients(Snappins, Image, Kernel, Bios, EFI, Printers, AD) so that they can be set to the group as a whole would fix many of the issues?
    Right now Group Snapping does seem to add snappins to each client, however it will not show it in the group management interface. What do you guys think?

  • Moderator

    The snapin issue is known about, it’s fixed in RC-9 already.

    For now, hosts need images assigned in order to deploy snapins via groups.

    And, you can clear host settings via groups already. It’s exactly the same as clearing them on the individual host - but with groups.

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