Mageia 4/5/6 package update

  • Hi. I was wondering if someone could update packages for Mageia. They are out of date.
    Tom did this earlier but I think it got lost. Unfortunately I can’t seem to submit a good diff here so it will need to be a manual edit.

    -- fogproject/lib/redhat/     2016-08-23 16:36:06.319954790 -0400
    +++ fogproject-new/lib/redhat/ 2016-08-23 17:07:17.658909294 -0400
    @@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
     [[ -z $packageQuery ]] && packageQuery="rpm -q \$x"
     case $linuxReleaseName in
    -        [[ -z $packages ]] && packages="apache apache-mod_php php-gd php-cli php-gettext mariadb mariadb-common mariadb-core mariadb
    -common-core dhcp-server tftp-server nfs-utils vsftpd net-tools wget xinetd tar gzip make m4 gcc gcc-c++ htmldoc perl perl-Crypt-Pass
    wdMD5 lftp php-mysqlnd curl php-mcrypt php-mbstring mod_ssl php-fpm php-process mod_fastcgi"
    +        [[ -z $packages ]] && packages="tar gzip make m4 gcc gcc-c++ net-tools wget xinetd dhcp-server tftp-server nfs-utils vsftpd 
    mariadb mariadb-common mariadb-core mariadb-common-core perl perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5 lftp apache apache-mod_php apache-mod_ssl apache-mo
    d_fcgid php-gd php-cli php-gettext php-mysqlnd curl php-mcrypt php-mbstring php-fpm php-pcntl php-pdo php-pdo_mysql htmldoc"
             [[ -z $packageinstaller ]] && packageinstaller="urpmi --auto"
             [[ -z $packagelist ]] && packagelist="urpmq"
             [[ -z $packageupdater ]] && packageupdater="$packageinstaller"
    @@ -86,7 +86,8 @@
     [[ -z $apachelogdir ]] && apachelogdir="/var/log/httpd"
     [[ -z $apacheerrlog ]] && apacheerrlog="$apachelogdir/error_log"
     [[ -z $apacheacclog ]] && apacheacclog="$apachelogdir/access_log"
    -[[ -z $etcconf ]] && etcconf="/etc/httpd/conf.d/fog.conf"
    +[[ -z $etcconf ]] && etcconf="/etc/httpd/conf/conf.d/fog.conf"
     [[ -z $phpini ]] && phpini="/etc/php.ini"
     [[ -z $storageLocation ]] && storageLocation="/images"
     [[ -z $storageLocationCapture ]] && storageLocationCapture="${storageLocation}/dev"

    Thanks. Attached is a unified diff of /lib/redhat/

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    This is already applied to the working-RC-9 branch. See here:

  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks. Fog has become a critical piece server system for our engineering school’s loaner laptop program. We require students to have tablet PCs for the engineering program, and if for some reason their PC can be used, either because it is out for repair or other situations, we will loan them a system preloaded with the most used engineering applications.
    When the system is returned, it gets immediately wiped and refreshed with a new copy using fog. Usually it takes less than 8min per system. Nothing works better. Also, Tom, all the developers and moderators have done an excellent job with the code, patches and suggestions. They deserve all of the praise.

  • @syschuck Great work, man. Really great stuff you’re doing.

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    Hopefully that helps?

    The sorting happens after all is done and in the fogsettings file will be sorted properly.

  • Thanks. I thought so. I was wondering if you could do one more edit to the the packages line. mod-fastcgi no-longer exists and has been replaced with apache-mod_fcgid. Also I did some re-arranging of the line to clear things up.

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    This is already applied to the working-RC-9 branch. See here:

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