• Got a batch of new Dell Rugged 5414 laptops in for our agency. I go to pxe boot the system to our FOG server and I am not having any luck. I am able to click on the "Perform Full Host Registration line on the screen and then after that the following appears on the screen and will not proceed:

    tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed
    Starting logging: OK
    Populating /dev using udev: udevd[2238]: error creating epoll fd: Function not implemented

    Does anyone happen to know what kernel might work with this model?
    The Ethernet card in these is “Intel i219-LM”

    I’m a little rough with managing fog so please have some patience, but things like usual are in a little of a time crunch.

    Here are the specs of what I know:
    Using Unbuntu 15.10
    Fog Version is 1.2.0
    Kernel is 4.2.0-16-generic

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Doug E.

  • Moderator

    I can say I have both the Extreme 12 (7204) and Extreme 14 (7404) on my campus and I’m running the 1.3.0-rcX series of FOG and both image properly. I have mine setup in legacy (bios) mode. They imaged with our standard Win7 build. You will need the newer kernels to support the intel nics as well as the NVMe disk (if that is in your model).

  • Senior Developer

    Please update to 1.3.0-RC-8 and see if you still have this issue?