Windows 7 After Image displays "Windows is loading files..." Endlessly

  • Using Fog 1.2.0, and a Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk image uploaded to fog after running fogprep. When the host computer completes image download, the “Windows is loading files” screen appears, in a few minutes the progress bar reaches the maximum, but after 18 hours, the computer is still showing the same screen.
    Image built on Dell E6520, and imaged to more Dell E6520

    I am rather new to this whole process, as our usual method is either a HDD duplicator or GhostCast/CloneZilla, so please bear with me, I will answer any request for information, as I’m not sure what exactly to post to help with troubleshooting.

    Am I missing something? If I use a HDD duplicator or Clonezilla, I get the expected result, aka no problems.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Bad sectors on the hard drive caused disc part to fail after 2.7gb of 63gb, so I imagine windows was literally waiting to load files that did not exist… solved! Different machine, Fog uploaded the image and deployed it flawlessly!

  • @AngryScientist Sounds like an hdd failure, to me.

  • I just used clonezilla, and Partclone failed due to bad sectors. Looks like I have to address that issue first.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Partitions: 3, SYSTEM 782MB NTFS, OS 143.04GB NTFS, Data 89.08 GB NTFS
    Recovery Partitions: - No.
    Windows Version: Windows 7 Enterprise Version 6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601
    Bios/UEFI: “Legacy Boot Option”
    Sysprep: No - I know of it, and used before on XP, but not with W7
    Fog Client - Yes, for task reboot and hostname changer

    Fog Image Name: E6520 Work 6.1.3 QC Complete

    Thank you, Wayne! I think I have a handle on how this forum threads now… Allow me to help you help me, or something similar…

  • This post is deleted!

  • We would need to know more about the image itself.

    How many partitions? Please don’t guess, check the reference machine and find out.
    Any recovery partitions?
    What version of Windows?
    BIOS or UEFI mode ? Check in the firmware.
    Are you sysprepping?
    Are you using the FOG Client?

    Also, on your fog server, what did you name the image (exactly, verbatim)? I need this name to give you some commands to run against the image’s files so we can find out more.