Hostname changing with Windows 10

  • It seems I have an issue with FOG not changing the hostname when I image a Windows 10 computer. I am pretty sure my Sysprep unattend file is OK. If I change the name manually FOG picks up the rest like putting it on the domain and carrying my activation codes.

  • Moderator

    FOG 1.2.0 and the legacy fog client does not support windows 10. You need the newer version of fog (1.3.0-rcX at the time of this post) and the new fog client (0.9.X or newer) for win10 support.

    For sure you will need the 1.3.0 series for native FOG server support for uefi firmware, gpt disk format, NVMe disks, and Win10 support running on current hardware (i.e. latests FOS engine running linux 4.7).

  • I should have said I am running FOG 1.2.0 on 14.04 Ubuntu.

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