Upload Hangs "Saving original disk/parts UUIDs"

  • Recently tried upload an image on a PC we have done a ton of times before. Now its hanging on “Saving original disk/parts UUIDs”. Just sits there. Suggestions?

    Partclone Image
    Fog 1.3.0-RC-8
    Unbuntu 14.04

    1_1471536799964_upload2.jpg 0_1471536799964_upload1.jpg

  • Thanks Wayne!

  • @Scott-B This normally happens when there are gpt remnants left on the disk. This is caused by the Windows installer doing a very poor job - when a HDD previously had a GPT layout and is then changed to a MBR layout (normally by switching from uEFI to BIOS).

    Normally, this can be fixed by doing a debug upload - and running the fixparts command against the disk. In this particular case, the disk’s device is /dev/sda so the command would be fixparts /dev/sda After running this command, follow onscreen instructions from fixparts, it’ll inform you what’s going on and have an option to fix it and write changes.

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