'Unknown Error' Code: 234 When trying to join domain after image

  • I’ve setup FOG with our Active Directory settings and I used FogCrypt to encrypt and input the domain password. When I image the computer it does not join the domain. The FOG Service is installed with the image. The name of the computer does get changed to match it’s name in FOG but the fog.txt log shows the following error when trying to join the domain.

    HostnameChanger Domain Error! (‘Unknown Error’ Code: 234)

    I’ve checked all the domain settings and they are correct. I’ve manually added a system to the domain using the fogadminuser I’m using in my AD settings on the FOG server. I’ve listed them below with the domain information obscured.

    Domain Name: DOMAIN.LOCAL
    Organizational Unit: OU=COMPUTERS,DC=LOCAL,DC=DOMAIN
    Domain Admin: FogAdminUser
    Domain Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I’ve searched the internet and the forum and have not found this error code referenced anywhere.

  • Thanks. I’ll try that in the morning.

  • the OU is probably wrong.

    Just blank-out the OU field out for now, and try again. If it works then, you know the OU is wrong.

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