• This idea is a little late to the races but,

    Can printers be protected like images are?

    Take our situation in mind. almost 100 network printers all deployed to exactly the computers that need them - total computers is almost 2K. If all printers would be deleted, it’d more than a day to recreate them all and re-assign them all - all due to a dumb mistake.

    I just want them protected from deletion. Settings changes I don’t care about so much.

    If not, it’s fine. I figured maybe it would be easy since the code already exists for images.

  • @Tom-Elliott Ok then.

  • Senior Developer

    The only hesitation I have is the difference in reasoning.

    With all items needing to be deleted, it can’t simply be a “dumb mistake” removing them, at least from the GUI level. If you individually delete an item, it prompts for user/pass to confirm the deletion. Same goes for en-mass deletions. So it’s not as “simple” to make the mistake of deleting these things.

    That all said, the reasoning images and snapins are “protected” is because they deal with physical files that might be detrimental, where (while not fun) the definitions are the only primary concern in regards to Hosts, Groups, Users, and Printers.

    Hopefully this makes sense. And as we’re already rolling in the RC’s, I’d rather maintain the “feature” freeze so as to focus on minor and semi major bugs as they come up.