FOG Update/Imaging Error

  • Last summer we setup Fog Imaging software on one of our computers. I have been using it the past year to image and it has been working pretty good. We just got a new batch of laptops from HP that I actually imaged about a month ago.

    I was ready to upload some final images for some of our older laptops and while I was able to access FOG and log in none of the buttons seemed to work when trying to Create and Image none of the tabs or buttons would respond. I checked the ethernet connection and it did show it was connected.

    As a matter of fact when trying to access the side bar menu that would not respond either.

    After scratching my head a lot I noticed there were a significant amount of updates for Ubuntu and thought maybe I just needed to run those updates and all would be well.

    The updates took a long time and it seemed to update Ubuntu to version 16. There were a couple options to log into, 1) fog was the first. 2)sspptech was the second since that was the username!![0_1471114211127_IMAG0999.jpg](Uploading 100%) originally set us up with I tried logging in with the password I always use. That would not work. When I checked the connection it showed it was not connected, even though I knew it was.

    It’s almost as if it lost it’s static IP we originally gave it. So I unplugged it and connected to a different ethernet port in another room. When I turned it on I got a black screen with a whole bunch of language I have no idea what it means. Rather than typing it all out, I just took a picture and attached it.

    If you could help me out I would GREATLY appreciate it. I am at a lose here and not really sure what to do and I need to get these images pushed out as soon as possible or I won’t be able to do them at all.

    Please advise as soon as you can.

  • You probably made a bad situation worse when you upgraded to a newer OS. I have no idea what is wrong, I’m just going to give you some commands to run and give us the output. This is just a starting point.

    df -h
    service apache2 status
    service mysql status
    mysql -u root fog

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