Recovering missing HD files AFTER reimaging possible?

  • Topic title is pretty self-explanatory but have you ever had a user with a machine that was reimaged and they had files NOT transferred external to be copied over after the reimage that they needed to have recovered (in this case on their Desktop)? Is FOG able to go back to what was on the hard drive before the reimage and retrieve such data or not?

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    there are some tools that will look for deleted files, most of them run on Windows, most of them are free too. It’s not as good as data recovery by a professional of course. But it will find files or fragments of files that have not yet been written over with new data.

  • @danpbow Short answer; No, no it is not.

    Long answer: No, unless you’re wanting to spend thousands at a data recovery spot and potentially get nothing back for it.

    This is a great chance for you to discuss backup, and if you’re in a domain environment, setup redirected folders and the like.

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