Fog wont send certain images to certain machines

  • Im trying to deploy a windows 7 image to some gx620 computers. For some reason fog will not transmit the image. the kernel loads correctly, when I reach the screen where you would normally see fog sending the image over, on these machines it begins the completion process instead. If I send one of my XP images to the machine everything works fine. I can deploy this windows 7 image to all my other hardware just not these gx620. I’ve tried using a different kernels like and the same problem happens. Any Ideas?

  • Well I’ve tried deploying the image in different HDD modes. Didn’t make any difference. I have attempted yet to upload an image in legacy mode. I will be testing that next.

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    Could this have anything to do with the BIOS settings for the HDD modes: SCSI, RAID, AHCI, IDE?

  • I’m using an 80GB hard drive to build the image, and not the factory drives. The image is a single partition and I’m pre-formatting the entire hard drive with one partition before installing windows so the windows 7 installer wont create the 100mb system reserved partition.

    Yesterday I used the image I built on the dell to deploy to 30 Lenovo 1578-g2u, 25 Lenovo 7844-P9U, 20 Dell gx620, and 2 custom rigs each with different Gigbyte motherboards, 1 of the Gigbyte machines had the same problem with the Dell and Lenovo images as the dells did with the lenovo built image. I really hope to figure this out because I have several hundred of these gigabytes with at least 8 different motherboard models. I would prefer not to have to build a specific image for them.

  • The first google hit for each of those models suggests that the Lenovo’s may have bigger hard drives. If that’s true and your image type is non-resizeable then that could be an issue. …but, that’s pretty far into wild guess territory.

  • I haven’t tried that yet, but I will because this problem is interesting. The images that wont deploy to the dell’s where captured using a Lenovo 7099-u2u system. Oddly, If I capture the image using a dell gx620 everything works fine and I can deploy between the lenovos and dells. For immediate purposes I’m just gonna build my image on a dell to get this project done. Hopefully when im done I can research the problem more.

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    have you tried to image in debug mode and see if you get more information?