Lenovo T560

  • Greetings All,

    Currently got a batch of new Lenovo t560’s in and fog is telling me the “Network” isn’t compatible. Does anyone happen to know what kernel might work with this model? The Ethernet card in these is “Intel i219-V”

    I’m fairly new to managing fog so please forgive me. I do believe the kernel is my issue. I’m currently on Fog v. 1.2.0

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • @george1421 Once I get back to my office I can tell ya. I can’t remote to my server from where I am at. We have an AIO desktop we are having an issue with as well. Hoping the kernel is the problem. We have quite a few laptops.

  • Moderator

    What FOS kernel are you using? You will probably want to be on 4.1.2 but not anything greater than 4.4.0

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