ESET Remote Administrator Reset ERA Agent UUID Tool (unofficial)

  • Hi,

    if someone else has to deal with ESET ERA and so on with it’s Remote Administrator that is using unique UUID’s.
    The process ESET ERA is using to reset cloned agent uuid’s is very worse. A guy called (Ryan) from the eset forum and me decided to create our own agent reset utility.

    If someone is interested i can share anything needed including source code.

    Needed steps:

    • Disable ESET Remote Administrator Service Startup to manual or disabled (you maybe need Safe-Mode to disable it)
    • Call ResetERAgentUUID.exe within Setupcomplete.cmd or RunOnce

    What it will do:

    • Create new unique UUID
    • Add UUID to ESET Remote Administrator’s Database file
    • Add UUID to ESET Remote Administrator’s Registry Entry
    • Set Service back to auto
    • Start Service

    What is it good for:

    • Without unique id you will not see the client in ERA’s Webif



    • Dot. 3.5 SP1
    • Do not Install Endpoint Antivirus! The HIPS Module will pretend you from changing stuff we need to change. Install Endpoint via ERA Task but do not include it in your Image!

    Regards X23

  • @Wayne-Workman i am not really used with github but i can upload it somewhere and share it sure.
    Give me some time, if you like you can share it via github.


    Post 1 updated @Wayne-Workman

    Regards X23

  • Can you open-source it on github and post the link here?

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