Computers Imaged with FOG wake up again after shutdown (caused by FOG Server)

  • Hi,

    i have a lot of Computers here HP ProDesk 600 that where imaged with fog, i imagine that all of this computers turn on them selfs after they have been shut down.

    I really have no idea whats happening here but i think it’s maybe fog sending wol magic packets?

    Anyone know this issue and can tell me howto solve this?

    Regards X23

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  • Hi,

    the wake up must be caused from fog, the facts:

    If FOG is running while the host isn’t registered to it the machine always turn on after it was shutted down.
    When i turn of the FOG Server and shutdown the computer it remains off.
    When i boot the FOG server again the computer will wake after some minutes, then when i turn it off again it will be on again after some minutes.
    When i then shutdown the FOG server again and shutdown the computer it remains off.

    The Client isn’t registered to fog anymore but fog turns the computer on anyway.

    Is this a fog client problem?

    I will now remove the fog client from that computer and will see what happens.

    EDIT: in this second i could see myself what happens when the compuiter turns on: It does a network boot and will then boot through os because of the fog menu timeout of 5 seconds to defaulty boot from hdd.

    So FOG is definitely sending something to the host while it’s not registered to fog! What happens here?

    EDIT2: i have also removed the fog service from the problematic computer, and it still turns on! This happens not if Fog Server is not running.

    Regards X23

  • Hi,

    today i received a lot of calls that the computers where still on this morning, strange thing.
    I removed all that hosts from fog yesterday, since tom was telling me that fog will never send magic pakets to unknown hosts it seems fog is not the problem of this.

    I checked the Bios of the Computer there is no automatic start configured and also power on after power loss is disabled. The Workstations are HP ProDesk 600 G2.

    I am sure it must be a magic paket because if i pull out the network cable the computer remains off, but how can i find out which device is sending magic pakets throug the network?

    Regards X23

  • @Tom-Elliott well since i’ve deleted all that hosts that turned on again and again this does not happen anymore, tomorrow i will check what happens if i register them back to fog, i don’t had abandoned task, the list was empty.

    What could cause this? Is a wakeup possible also if the task list is empty? Something missleading in the db that was causing this, i really would like to know what caused that.

    Regards X23

  • @Wayne-Workman i don’t think so because i have power management disabled.

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    I’m not sure what would cause this but fog isn’t sending Wol to unknown hosts. It only sends Wol to know hosts. There is no special utility with the exception of fog scheduler service which checks tasks and if there are any will Wol hosts that need it. Again, this is only valid for known hosts.

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    @x23piracy It’s possible you are experiencing this issue:

    Joe said it’d be fixed with 0.11.5, if this is the issue you have.

  • After reregistration of the host it will not turn on automatically again, what could cause this? How can i check if there are missleading magic pakets for the remaining hosts? Sure i can delete them all and rereg but this sounds like a little bug. @Tom-Elliott help please

    Regards X23

  • I will now try to rereg the host to fog and will see if it turn ons again.

  • Hi, after removing the host from fog it does not wake up anymore. But what the hell was that?

    Regards X23

  • After removing the wol plugin computers still turn on, i have now removed one of the hosts from fog and will see if it still turn on by magic.

  • FYI,

    i had the wol broadcast plugin installed but there are no subnets configured actually, some weeks before i had added all our subnets to it and removed them later, since then the plugin was installed but no subnet configured, i removed the wol plugin 1 minute ago.

    Regards X23

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