Pleeease: Make FOG a 3rd party APP for Synology!

  • Hi there!
    I’m sysadmin at a larger school and we’ve installed and tested FOG with success. Thing is, we want to reduce the number of our servers and want to run most of our services from a Synology RackStation. We use REMBO at the moment, but new licences are too costly, and FOG offers all we need (unlike nClone which already exists as .spk).
    So it would be fantastic if FOG could be integrated into the Synology DSM via the packet management - many schools (which I know already have Synology products) would be very grateful! Or have you already give that some thought?

    Kind regards,


  • Perhaps you know more about this, but a quick look at their site and their 3rd part app integration, it looks like the developers would need access to a Synology system to make this happen. The developers are busy at the moment working on FOG 0.33, and I know that there have been requests to integrate FOG with other tools, such as Spiceworks, but their main focus is on making FOG work well on it’s own. This is an open source project, so feel free to grab a copy of FOG and try your hand at making this into a reality, there might be others on the forums who would be interested in seeing this happen and might be able to help as well. Oh, and if you do decide to go ahead with this we’d love to hear updates on your progress.