Database update failed after image capture

  • I know there is another post about database update failed after the image capture. I didn’t want to post in his thread since my issue might be different. It seems like it’s successful with the image capture but then fails updating the database after the capture process.

    Here is what I see in the apache error logs…
    PHP Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /var/www/fog/lib/fog/fogmanagercontroller.class.php on line 23

    Any ideas?

  • Senior Developer

    I feel I should add, the reference error isn’t the cause of the issue, not directly at least.

  • Senior Developer

    Do me a favor, please use your favorite editor and change the =& on line number 23 and remove the & symbol. Save, and all should be well.

    In the mean time I’ve also fixed this for RC-6.

  • Senior Developer

    What version of FOG are you running?

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