image capture ipxe error input/output 1d0c6139

  • I am getting an error when trying to capture a new image.

    This could be a networking error as we are re-subnetting and changing IPs. But so far after following the steps for changing IP other aspects are working.
    I.E. dhcp boot (using dnsproxy) tftp boot are working. Web interface is working.

    When no task is assigned I can get to the pxe/fog menu. Even re-registered host.

    When A task is assigned at least in this case a capture task it fails at the boot.php file. Getting the ipxe error: input/output error
    Which didn’t help me much.

    I installed rc-4 yesterday(7-27-2016). When seeing I needed to change ip/subnet i re-ran the rc-4 install per the ip change instructions. I have checked/double checked the settings in fog settings/web server and all the others to be sure I didn’t miss something. I changed the setting in .fogsettings before re-installing.

    would appreciate some ideas on troubleshooting this.

    running 1.3.0 rc-4
    client PC Dell 760.


  • @Tom-Elliott
    Well, I think I figured it out. I may have missed updating the storage node info. The graphs/pie charts are back working now.

    Setup capture and is working. Ugh. the one thing I didn’t double check after it all. Being that its the only storage node I didn’t think to check it again.

    Thanks for all of y’alls time. sometimes it just needs more eyes and a better understanding of how this works. Y’all have a great day. I need a beverage.


  • Moderator

    @KnightRaven if you visit that boot.php url, what do you see?

  • Senior Developer

    @KnightRaven Well, the only reason “multicast” would need to be enabled is for the initial TFTP boot, after that it’s using HTTP (TCP).

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Yes, exactly. I think I checked the settings in fog first. I went to the fog settings -> web and tftp settings in the webgui and changed it there first. But I did change the .fogsettings file and then re-ran the installer.

    The last couple of updates it didn’t prompt for a schema update when opening the webgui after installing update. Just went straight to login. Not sure if that matters. or is as designed in the RCs.

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    @KnightRaven said in image capture ipxe error input/output 1d0c6139:

    Yes. Had to to match our new subletting rules. Followed the steps to change it from the wiki in fog.

    duh. Read, Wayne.

    So, after setting the right IP in /opt/fog/.fogsettings you then run the installer. Is that what you did? Also - it’s fine to re-run it again.

  • @KnightRaven @Tom-Elliott @Wayne-Workman
    it looks like it may be a multicast issue, if Fog defaults that way. Just heard that the multicast settings haven’t been pushed with the new subnets. Or so I’m told :-/

  • @Tom-Elliott No. They are in the same room and same subnet.

  • Senior Developer

    @KnightRaven is the fog server on a different subnet than the host requesting access?

  • @KnightRaven
    Would the imaging be defaulting to using multicast? I’ve heard some other techs report problems with multicasting using Ghost. But unicast seemed to work ok.

    Ghost has been our standard but it’s an older version. Been trying to setup fog for myself and test it to give an alternative. Been going good til this subnet change. If I can’t get help from our networking side for it to talk across the subnets it may be a bust.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Yes. Had to to match our new subletting rules. Followed the steps to change it from the wiki in fog.

  • Moderator

    did you change the ip address of the fog serveR?

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Sorry, was called to another matter.

    I access the webgui by
    This is from other pcs as well. Not just locally from the server.

  • Senior Developer

    @KnightRaven How are you accessing the GUI?

  • well it’s my only node for this campus. everything else is working from it. Just not imaging. The web gui is on this node and works. so are the other services.

    I imagine after changing info it may be a hiccup somewhere. an address mismatch in a file, but I dont know what other settings to check. The boot.php is accessible from other machines. But unable to get to imaging. The error only presents itself when imaging. either by task from gui or by choosing image from pxe/fog menu.

  • Senior Developer

    @KnightRaven Based on what I’m seeing, the node located at IP Address is unreachable.

  • I am also noticing that some of the imaging info is not pulling up on the home page webgui.
    Bandwidth image does not show but title bar does. And Pie charts/graphs not showing for storage group/node. The boxes are there but no graph. Not sure if related but thought I’d make a note if it is.

  • @KnightRaven
    So it appears to happen when trying to do a deploy as well. Tried to deploy from pxe/fog menu and choosing the image and is getting stuck at same place. Same error i think but it exited to fast to be sure.

    Maybe a rights issue? but it was working yesterday before network changed. :-/

  • 0_1469726133920_Ipxe_error_capture.jpeg

  • Moderator

    Give us a picture of the error, please.

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