Snapin upload replaces . (dot) with _ (underscore)

  • In FOG 1.3.0 RC2, when a new snapin is being created, the filename of the file that is uploaded is being changed: The . (dot) is being replaced by _ (underscore). See the attached screenshot showing the result of uploading the file “test.cmd”. Is there some php configuration change I need to make to resolve this, or could this be a bug that needs squashing?

    0_1469602598732_Schermafbeelding 2016-07-27 om 08.52.59.png

  • Great! Thank you!

  • Senior Developer

    I’ve moved this thread to bug reports and solved so people are aware that this was unintentional and is fixed in the working branch.

  • Senior Developer

    This shouldn’t pose any serious impacts, though I suppose Windows won’t auto run because it doesn’t know how to handle the file.

    I’ve fixed the dot being replaced with _ and the fix will be available for when RC-5 releases.

    In the meantime, you can update the files replaced with their respective forms. For .cmd or .bat files I believe you’d want to use the Batch file template (as it will call the script using the cmd.exe executable.)

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