PXE Quick Registration w/ a Hostname

  • If I could get the benefits of quick registration and be able to set just the host name, that would be huge. Many times all I look to do is just set the hostname and do nothing else. If I’m doing an entire lab it does not make since to do quick registration the way it currently is.

    Just a thought. :-)




  • @Tom-Elliott

    Thanks Tom! I’ll check it out!

  • Senior Developer

    Quick registration can set hostnames. Of course you’d have to change the iteration it’s running for but it works by using the name, and if you have ***** it will “pad” with 0’s.

    This setting can be found in FOG Configuration Page->FOG Settings->FOG Quick Registration->FOG_QUICKREG_SYS_NAME. You’d need to enable the autopop first, of course. From that area, though, you can also define what image id you want those hosts to have as well as join the system to a FOG Group. If the imageid is set, it will create a tasking to deploy that image after registration completes.

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