Adding a Group from Host Search

  • Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:03 am
    Running Version 8655
    SVN Revision: 5932

    Adding a group from host search is working but does not indicate to the user that it is successful.

    The steps I performed to find this are…

    1. Perform Search of hosts.
    2. Check select all check box. (I tried just checking all boxes and it did not work either.)
    3. Set name for new group.
    4. Press Process Group Changes

    Result… Nothing happens. The page doesn’t even try to re-load.

    I checked in Groups and it does process changes. It just does not indicate to the User that anything is happening or has happened.




  • @Tom-Elliott

    No problem!! :-)

  • Senior Developer

    It displays this at the top of the screen. Ajax is just VERY fast, and as such enables you to create multiple groups at the same time.

  • Senior Developer

    It does indicate to the user something has happened. It just clear’s itself after 5 seconds.

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