Snapins - order of operations in Web GUI

  • I just tried creating a snapin on Trunk 8609.

    I uploaded a 2.5GB zip file as a snapin pack… and waited, and waited for that to upload… and it finally got done.

    Then the web interface threw an error saying I need to provide a snapin name.

    Now, while this is true - it should have done that before it uploaded.

  • Senior Developer

    There’s now way to control the flow of how a form get’s processed, unfortunately. The Data get’s uploaded then the “variables” are suitable to test. This includes files (regardless of size). That said, i have included a jquery method that will test the variables before they go to be “processed” and if the name is not set, it will no longer submit, wait, then test. It will immediately prevent the submit action and point you to the name not being filled out (or using invalid characters).

  • Senior Developer

    It DOES do that part first. The unfortunate part is HOW it handles it. This isn’t something FOG can control.

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