• Hi
    I have problem my computer client boot on pxe and he arrived on fog conputer cloning solution with boot from hard disk,run memetest86+,…
    but I schedule a memtest task or upload cloning task it s do not work



  • Wouldn’t hurt to give [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/pxe-boot-goldmemory.12/page-2#post-368[/url] a shot. It should be fairly easy to setup and might fix your issue.

  • Thanks blackout it’s ok

    i can upload and deploy but fog don’t like realtek card i cant had my dell VOSTRO 1520 (i have ten 1520) (MAC address is invalid)

    thank you for your help

  • Developer

    If you want to instantly upload or deploy to a client computer, do not use any of the schedule options.

    Do not tick: ‘Schedule Single Task Execution’
    Do not tick: ‘Schedule Cron Style Task Execution’

    I apologize about my original post, there are obvious language barrier issues.

    i reboot my VM and i create a memtest task it s work
    But uploading image doesnt work

    all task run virus ram test disk debug mode but just uploading image Doesnt work

    Why ?? i become crazzyyy

    it s works on just one machine( Non uploading just virusscan ram test disk…) i test on another client machine he don’t work ( memtest doesnt work’s…) and uploading doesn’t work

  • you are a very funny boy;)

    But my problem is not resolved 🙂

    ok I have installed fog on ubuntu 11.10 with dhcp (i don’t use DNS but fog use MAC address) on vmware, Installation is OK i have the web access.

    I create a host it’s ok
    Since ubuntu I ping my client Computer

    I create an image and I attribute this image to my client computer

    I create Uploading schedultask this morming at 8:59 is it ok i have a green message

    I restart my client computer and i boot on pxe is it ok but my schedultask don’t launch and i arrvied on a little menu FOG with option

    boot from hard drive

    For blackout 😉

    have you got a solution???,

  • Developer

    [quote=“iprt, post: 312, member: 140”]have you got a solution[/quote]
    Have you got 5minutes to write a thread worth responding to?

    Read this: [url]http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html[/url]

    Then go do some testing and report back some useful information.

  • have you got a solution