Pxe boot problem with HP Pavilion x360

  • Hi there,
    I’m trying to fog some HP Pavilion x360 for the first time in our fog and it doesn’t work. It seems to be taking an IP for the DHCP and after that it look likes a timeout for the Pxe.


    This is what I get when trying.

    My system :
    Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS
    svn : 8540

  • @Tom-Elliott Tried the ipxe.pxe settings and it’s working, gonna try on some of my other models.
    Thank you!

  • @Pascal-Gazaille The difference is the drivers aren’t being loaded using UNDI methods (for whatever reason) so using ipxe.pxe will have the nic try to use ipxe native drivers to obtain the information. I don’t/can’t know if it will cause issue with other models of pc and laptops. Unfortunately it’s the best I can give for the circumstances. If undionly.kpxe is working for all models/laptops, I suppose you could try using undionly.kkpxe which should work for all the same that undionly.kpxe works for, however, the fact that you’re seeing no configuration methods succeeded lead me to think changing the undionly to use kkpxe will not work.

    All I can say is set the file and see if it will work for your environment.

  • @Tom-Elliott What’s the difference? and can this cause problem with all my other models of pc and laptops?

  • Try using ipxe.pxe instead of undionly.kpxe.