WOL after moving HDD

  • This is not FOG-related, but the audience here might relate to this question…

    After moving the HDD from PC with MAC *:18 to a PC with MAC *:f3, computer *:f3 turns on whenever I try to WOL *:18. Has anyone seen this behaviour? How is it even possible?

    Both PCs are Dell Optiplex 990.

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    @dolf Sounds really strange to me! I’d suggest doing the reverse test. Pop that HDD back into the other PC and see what WOL is doing?!?

  • No, it’s more simple than that: I just moved a physical HDD from one box to another, without changing any settings. The MAC is determined by the physical NIC in the Dell PC.

    However, I’m also seeing random PCs in my lab starting up at random times, so I suspect I’m not the only one sending WOLs on this network. These PCs were migrated from another faculty’s lab to the one I’m managing with FOG. I don’t know what they are using. Maybe they are still sending WOLs to the MACs they had long ago…

    This is very low priority, and probably not a FOG issue. I’m just curious …

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    I guess I’m not understanding.

    Are you using FOG to perform WOL? When you moved the HDD, did you also move the MAC Address to the new host? What I mean, if this is a software based MAC (VM or what-have-you) and that MAC is on the *:f3 host’s additional MAC list, fog WOL creates a separate packet for each mac address associated. So if the *:18 MAC is registered to the *:f3 hosts’ additional mac list, the FOG WOL is sending a WOL packet to BOTH mac addresses.

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