UNSOLVED PostDownload Script - Question

  • I have been reading all the posts and comments discussing the use of post download scripts and really think that this feature seems amazing. I was not the one that build our fogserver, but I do know that is on version 1.20. I do not see a postinstallscripts folder, if I just create this folder will this work? I really want to use this for automatic drivers, buy the model name. Arch, Manufacturer.


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    @jayrob86 this is where it gets a bit complicated if you want to reverse engineer stuff.

    The post download scripts are saved on the FOG server, but they are executed by the FOS engine (the linux operating system that captures and deploys images to the target computer).

    So to answer your question, the function.sh script is in the init(s) (virtual hard drive that is downloaded to the client along with the kernel (bzImage) when pxe booting).

    So you next question may be how can I peek into the inits? There is a wiki for that: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Modifying_the_Init_Image

    The file is in /usr/share/lib/fog (or something like that, its in /usr/share…)

  • @george1421 thanks do you know where I could look to verify? In the function.sh?

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    The directory should be in /images/postdownloadscripts I can’t remember version 1.2.0, its been a while. I’ve been on the trunk build for 18 months. But the post download scripts directory should be there even in 1.2.0. If it isn’t, you can’t just create it since there are hooks in the FOS engine that call the script that should be in there.