• I have been using Fog for a few years with great success, but I will also be using WDS for deployment of WIN7. My question is can I switch PXE boot with Fog and WDS? I have WDS successfully setup and currently deploying WIN7, I also have Fog setup and was using it to deploy XP. In DHCP, the ports are still set to linux settings, i.e. port 66 set to linux server IP, port 67 set to pxelinux.0. I have also disabled WDS services hoping Fog would pick up, no luck (WDS always boots). Is there something that I am missing or am I out of luck and have to choose one or the other? My environment is a widows domain with close to 1,000 machines, most are XP but more and more WIN7 machines are being added. I am aware that WDS can deploy XP but due to the variety of images, I do not have the server space for all the XP images to be on WDS.

    Thanks for any help,

  • I am wanting to deploy XP or Win 7 via Fog, but I would like the machine to pull the drivers from the server

    What is the best option and is there any chance you can assist me on this

    I can deploy images and join to the server but im kind of stuck with the driver side / updates



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    Shoot me a message if you need a hand, it is possible for both. But would advise looking into moving to FOG completely with it I have successfully transferred two secondary schools to windows 7 all thanks to FOG

  • The short answer is yes. I know this because we currently have FOG running with WDS. However, we are now looking at going with just FOG for everything. We currently run a *nix DHCP server and run FOG off of that. We then have WDS setup on another server and boot an iso to access that server. So we don’t have DHCP turned on for WDS, but the iso points directly to the server itself. So we can use FOG to boot the iso and get us out on the WDS server ;). But WDS seems to be more hassle than it’s worth, so after working with falko from here, finally getting a working Windows 7 image that can be pushed through FOG just like the XP images. Then I have the bypass host installed so I can literally choose windows 7 from the PXE menu and install it on any machine on the fly.