Duplicate Macs with USB Nics

  • Hi,

    I am currently running into the issue of USB Nics passing duplicate mac addresses to laptops.

    I saw a potential solution discussed here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/5743/sharing-nics-between-laptops/8 using the WiFi macs.

    Is this still the best practice at present or has there been any further developments? If we are registering them with their WiFi Macs how would Fog know which image to deploy when connected back up with the USB nic?

    Running Fog 7492 and it is brilliant.


  • @tombagley ignoring a mac in fogs webif just ignores it for the specific host not the whole system!

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing the same problem. I have registered and imaged a laptop using a USB NIC adaptor, when I have gone to image the second laptop it is recognising it as the first laptop. I have tried ignoring the MAC for imaging however when I try and perform a registration on the second laptop now it doesn’t register.


  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks Wayne very much so - very useful!

  • @TomBagley Sorry for not replying in so long. I’m not entirely sure what issue is happening, but 7492 is now old. We are on RC-6 now.

    And, I image laptops all the time with fog. Laptops that have both WiFi and physical links. FOG registers the physical link when doing a full registration via the FOG boot menu. The FOG Client if in use, will register the WiFI MAC. I’ve never had an issue with this.

    You’re using USB NICs. For these, I’d recommend ignoring the mac for the fog client.

    If you want the imaging process to ignore a MAC, you’d check the “Ignore mac for imaging”. The thing is, FOS (Fog Operating System) doesn’t turn on, enable, nor even see WiFi Macs. So you are safe to never worry about WiFi MAC addresses.

    With the USB NICs that are shared among many computers - the truth is you aren’t going to have the NIC hooked up all the time, just for imaging. You can optionally tell the FOG Client to ignore the USB NIC MAC if you like - but only if the MAC is already associated with a host. If the USB NIC MAC is not already associated with a host, this will cause the new client to go ahead and associate the newly detected WiFi MAC with that host I believe, and you can. This is because the new FOG Client reports on all MACs of interfaces capable of accessing network resources (i.e. not a bluetooth mac).

    Ignore MAC for Imaging:
    0_1470365063186_ignore macs1.png

    Ignore MAC on Client:
    0_1470365069189_ignore macs2.png

    Hopefully this answers your questions, if you have more please ask them.

    #wiki worthy

  • Thanks @Wayne-Workman I may be missing the concept here - apologies. When I ignore the mac then I am unable to register the new host. Do I need to manually register the WiFi mac so that it is picked up when booted?


  • @TomBagley there is a ignore check box for the adapters mac on hosts. One is for imaging and one for the client.

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