UNSOLVED Storage Management (Usage / Slow)

  • I’ve just installed my 1st node.

    I want it to deliver images for another site. Thought I would have to create a storage group as well to deliver from there only?
    I had issues getting it to replicate as 1st so went back to 1 node, no group and now I have a replicated image.

    Is this an issue?

    Also FOG management seems a lot slower and if I change the graph to my NODE, sometimes it doesn’t load.
    (currently the FOG server and NODE are on the same site)

  • @Lee-Rowlett I’ll be expanding on that article soon to cover image sharing. The video was meant to be an introduction.

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    @ITCC to setup how you want so no image goes across the wan but replication, setup like below (Be mindful you will have no resillience and if JS is busy for example and you want to image a machine at JS it will wait rather than use SS - which by the sounds of things is how you want it to work anyway)

    Storage Group Definitions:
    Storage Group - SS
    Storage Group - JS

    Storage Node Definitions:
    Storage Node - SS - In Storage Group SS
    Storage Node - JS - In Storage Group JS

    Location Definitions:
    Location SS - Storage Node - SS - Storage Group - SS
    Location JS - Storage Node - JS - Storage Group - JS

    Image Definitions:
    ImageA - Storage Group - SS AND JS
    ImageA - Storage Group - SS AND JS
    make sure you tick whichever is primary (that you will upload your image to and want replication to come from)

    so Location JS will only have Node JS available and vice versa.

    You will be utilizing the use of Group to Group Replication which @TomElliott awesomely implemented sometime ago.

    Whenever you upload an image, whatever location you choose will be the node it uploads to, just make sure you do it to whichever you set as primary otherwise you newly upload image with be overwritten.

    Hope this helps

  • when i image a PC in SS the image goes VIA the JS NODE and then to the host.

  • Senior is master
    Junior is Node
    imageA set not to replicate (holds Senior Image)
    imageB set for replication
    Replication complete

    ImageA&B members of DefaultStorageGroup

    Storage Management - SS - Group = Default
    Storage Management - JS - Group = Default


  • @ITCC The image I see says Junior is the node transmitting data.

    I don’t know what the exact layout is. If Senior and Junior nodes are part of the same group AND the location is only defined to use the Group, AND the hosts are associated to that location, OR The hosts are not associated to the location, the imaging will happen in a load balanced mode.

    I guess I’d need to see an example of the tasking, and the host with its location setting and the location definition.

  • Location plugin installed, just trying to configure not to use WAN for anything other than replication.

  • on the video it states that selecting a host location “locks” the machine to that server.
    This doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Please advise.

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    @ITCC You’ll probably want to use the location plugin.

  • i’ve noticed that the main server is sending the image to the node and then the node is downloaded the image to machines that are not on the JS site. (this image is also not replicated to the node, in this example)

  • I want to make sure the locations don’t run from each other.
    what do i need to do to make sure the Junior only takes from the server in the JS?

    I ask as my StorageGroup says free 20 (19 as imaging now)



    [07-11-16 9:32:59 am]
    ___ ___ ___
    /\ \ /\ \ /\
    /::\ \ /::\ \ /::\
    /:/:\ \ /:/:\ \ /:/:\
    /::-:\ \ /:/ 😕 \ /:/ 😕
    /:/:\ :_\ /:/__/ :_\ /://:_
    😕 // 😕 \ /:/ / 😕 /\ //
    :_\ 😕 /:/ / 😕 :_
    // :/:/ / :/:/ /
    ::/ / ::/ /
    / /__/

    Free Computer Imaging Solution

    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] Interface Ready with IP Address:
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] Interface Ready with IP Address:
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] Interface Ready with IP Address: fog-server.churcherscollege.local
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] Interface Ready with IP Address: mail.churcherscollege.com
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * Starting ImageReplicator Service
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * Checking for new items every 600 seconds
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * Starting service loop
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * Starting Image Replication.
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * We are group ID: #1
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] | We are group name: DefaultGroup
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * We have node ID: #1
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] | We are node name: 1- Senior School
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] | Not syncing Image: JDT1.8
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] | This is not the primary group
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] * Found Image to transfer to 2 node(s)
    [07-11-16 9:33:00 am] | Image name: JDT1.8
    [07-11-16 9:33:01 am] * Starting Sync Actions
    [07-11-16 9:33:01 am] | CMD:
    lftp -e ‘set ftp:list-options -a;set net:max-retries 10;set net:timeout 30; mirror -c -R --ignore-time -vvv --exclude ‘dev/’ --exclude ‘ssl/’ --exclude ‘CA/’ --delete-first /images/JDT18 /images/JDT18; exit’ -u fog,[Protected]
    [07-11-16 9:33:01 am] * Started sync for Image JDT1.8

  • i’ll complete tomorrow and reply with log output.

  • @ITCC said in Storage Management (Usage / Slow):

    on the new node the status is down.
    does it pull or push from master?

    Execute those on the master node.

  • Sorry for the small picture but this happens now when imaging anything.

    Sorry foe the small view.
    Says windows 7 when windows10
    and Attepting to check in


    Fri Jul 08, 2016 15:07 pm
    Running Version 8479
    SVN Revision: 5864

  • on the new node the status is down.
    does it pull or push from master?

  • @ITCC What is the output of service FOGImageReplicator restart and service FOGImageReplicator status and tail -100f /opt/fog/log/fogreplicator.log

  • Debian based

  • @ITCC What OS is fog running on? I need to know to give you commands to check stuff.

  • I think i have made good progress, but would like to check with you.
    (watched the video)

    So i want a remote site (Junior Node) to deliver images to PC’s on that site and not to the Senior Node. (also don’t want the Senior to try and pick an image from Junior Node… do i want to split the Groups?)
    I’m currently not getting replication (Added note 30 mins ago)