Image failed to restore and exited with exit code 0 (writeImage)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to send a image that i transferred from an old FOG Server running 0.32. I set the image definitions on our fog server to specify the old format (Partimage). I am now trying to deploy the image to a Dell Dimension 1100 and am receiving the error:
    Image failed to restore and exited with exit code 0 (writeImage)
    Args Passed: /images/Dimension/sys.img.* /dev/sda1

    I receive the error right after FOG “Attempts to download the image using PartImage”

    I tried to send the same image to another model on two different computers (both Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z) for testing purposes earlier today and the Imaging Process completed. However, upon reboot, it came up to a black screen that said “A Disk Read Error has Occured Press Control Alt Delete to restart” I figured that this is most likely a MBR problem?? I booted to a windows disk and started running “chkdsk /R /X” to see if that would resolve the Disk Read Error. Command is still running.

    So I know the image is able to be sent from server to hosts but am unsure why I am having difficulties sending it to the intended Model (Dell Dimension 1100)

    Very similar to this image except the Argument is
    Args Passed: /images/Dimension/sys.img.* /dev/sda1

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    @cojohnson The message Image failed to restore and exited with exit code 0 usually means that something went wrong when running partimage. Can you please get your camera ready for when the blue partimage window comes up. Take a quick picture or possibly a (steady) video) of the error you see on that blue partimage window. That probably will help us a lot.

  • I upgraded the server on Wednesday. 8303? I think. I am out of the building now. I will have to check the BIOS. Thank You!!

  • What version of FOG Are you running? You gave us the version you’re transferring images from, but not what they’re trying to be moved on. Based on the Handle Error message you’re seeing, I can tell you’re on trunk, but I have no idea what version of trunk you’re running.

    Make sure your systems aren’t in UEFI mode also. UEFI requires GPT, and UEFI boot will not be able to find if the disk is laid out as MBR. Disable UEFI if at all possible.