• We have some OptiPlex 5040’s with M.2 Sata’s. After FOG pushes the image, and Windows tries to boot to do its mini setup, it places the 2 Microsoft dots on the screen like it is about to load, then reboots. Then just does a constant boot loop. The SSD’s are PM951 Samsungs.

    Has anyone else seen this happen?

  • @george1421 Just got the new master pushed up, and the M.2’s are now working great.

  • @george1421 Awesome, thanks again George, I will start working on that now.

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    @adukes40 Sorry I was out of wireless range for a bit.

    Yes those are the hot fixes you need. You will have to request them and they will send you a email link to download. Make sure you request both the x86 and x64 images (you have to select the show all files link). I made the mistake to not select all and I had to use another email address to get the x86 files. These hotfixes are not delivered by WSUS so you have to manually request them.

    I just added those files to MDT (which builds our reference image) so they were part of the kit the next time we do our quarterly updates. You are correct out of box m.2 support is in win10 just not win7.

  • We have a whole lab I threw together an image for using the actual 5040. But this image is done from the VM. The two updates you mention I highly doubt are installed. I was just starting to read on a couple KBs that address this. Could you confirm that the updates are KB2990941 and KB3087873? If so I will down load them, and install them onto the VM.
    Also for my own information, Win10 has native support for M.2 correct? Just not 7?

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    I have 2 7040s on my bench with the same config for hard drives. They will be staged tomorrow so I can’t say for sure if it works or not.

    But I have to ask is this the first system you are trying to deploy with a m.2 disk? If so and this is win7 did you apply the two hot fixes to your reference image that allow win7 to address m.2 drives?