SOLVED Client Not Joining AD Domain after Updating to Fog 1.3.0

  • I recently updated to Fog 1.3.0 in order to be able to create and deploy images for Win 10 and Chromium. Had great success with Chromium, but yesterday I was trying to create and deploy a Windows 7 image. I’m a long time fog user and never had problems with this before, but after deploying the image, it did not auto-join the domain. The setting was selected for that client to join the domain and all the settings were still correct from the previous version, but after the image, it never joined. It changed the name, etc, but did not join the domain. Anyone else have any issues with this after updating? I’m not really sure where to go to troubleshoot what’s happening.

    Note: I did use Sysprep and the new Client. I followed the directions to disable the Fog Service and use the sysprep script to re-enable the service after the image. I also removed the checkbox for the early namechange option as well. All seemed to work except for the domain joining.

  • Thanks Wayne. I checked out the log and also communicated some with Tom. I had to update my Active Directory info in Fog for Legacy Fogcrypt and the new password system. All is well now. Thanks!

  • We need the client log to help. It’s here: c:\fog.log

    Also, 1.3.0 is not released yet. FOG Trunk will eventually become 1.3.0, but until then it’s just fog trunk.