How to update FOG Server from old-ish Trunk to new Trunk?

  • Hello all,

    I have tried upgrading my server a few times before and I have always ran into a problem after running the script when it asks you to update the database scheme by navigating to FOG’s URL. It get hung up there everytime when i have data in the database. (which i do!)

    Is there a tutorial that i can follow? or should it be as simple as performing a git pull and then upgrading?

  • @Tom-Elliott Did i read somewhere not too long ago that the svn way is going away??? We would have to use git?

  • I got tired of typing that lol. I use a folder called foginstall to hold the files so I just hit the up arrow and run this command:

    cd /opt/foginstall; svn up; cd /opt/foginstall/bin; ./ -y

  • Senior Developer

    Yes, locate your git folder location (or svn folder if that’s how you went).

    cd into it.

    git pull or svn up

    cd bin

    ./ -y

  • Moderator

    You can try to do ./ -y which should upgrade it automatically for you without accessing the webgui

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