FOG 1.2.0 Kernel Update page does not show list of Kernels

  • When I Go to the Kernel update page to update the kernel there are no kernels listed. Published Kernels is selected but the rest of the page below that is blank. On the logon page the following is shown next to Latest Version: Error Contacting Server. However, from the configuration page the FOG Sourceforge Page and FOG Home page links work. Any ideas


  • Moderator

    You can do it manually for now. You CANNOT use the new inits with 1.2.0, if you download those and place them, no imaging will work at all. Just try the new kernel and keep a copy of your old kernel incase it bombs. Link here for steps:

    Make sure you pay attention to the old file name before moving it - I think 1.2.0 was 32 bit. The kernel bit has to match the init bit.

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